Five USCF Executive Board candidates have been certified for the special election this summer to fill the remaining year of the terms of Helen Warren and Doris Barry, who resigned on January 1.  One at large election will be held, with the top two finishers being elected.

A public drawing of names for ballot position was conducted this past weekend at the National High School Championship in Louisville, with the following results:

1 - Arnold Denker (Florida)
2 - Sam Sloan (New York)
3 - Joseph Wagner (Southern California)
4 - Lawrence Cohen (Illinois)
5 - Enrique Rios (Texas)

GM Denker is by far the best known of this group and appears favored to finish first.  Sloan has become the Harold Stassen of chess, placing last in the past four Executive Board elections, and is likely to occupy the same position again.  Dr. Wagner, a retired medical doctor, is chair of the USCF Senior Committee and well known as a player in major events throughout the country, though he has never been active in chess politics.  Cohen is a Chicago area organizer and TD an occasional USCF Delegate.  Rios, at age 19, is another newcomer to USCF governance and the youngest EB candidate in history., as we did last year, invites all candidates to e-mail us copies of their campaign letters for posting on this site. homepage