Virtually all the returns are in, and Beatriz Marinello, Tim Hanke and Don Schultz have been elected to the USCF Executive Board.  The vote count stands as follows:

Beatriz Marinello (NY) 1007
Tim Hanke (MA) 886
Don Schultz (FL) 867
Dr. Joseph Wagner (CA) 704
Sam Sloan (NY) 653
Mikel Petersen (FL) 598
Steve Doyle (write-in) 161

The election of Hanke was a tremendous surprise, as he was not very well known and seemed to have the support of hardly any prominent USCF delegates.  Supporters of USCF President John McCrary did not endorse him, and neither did Jim Eade, an ally of the previous (Redman) Board, who sent out a national campaign letter.  Hanke has been very critical of both former USCF President Don Schultz, a McCrary supporter now also elected, and former USCF Executive Director Al Lawrence, an ally of Eade, Redman and friends.  Hanke also blasted FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov in his campaign, a position I agree with and which may have contributed to his surprising showing.

I believe that the election of Hanke was made possible by the new OMOV (One member one vote) system.  Under the old system in which various USCF leaders lobbied many voters, his lack of support among those leaders would have been a great obstacle.  Now let's hope he proves me wrong for dismissing his candidacy on this site, and helps turn USCF around.

1822 ballots have been received so far, but some were disqualified leaving the vote count at 1763.  Tomorrow the auditor will bring over the final day's ballots to be added to the totals, but it is expected there will be no more than 10, so no places will change.

Marinello ran strongly everywhere, carrying USCF Regions 2 (Eastern), 3 (Mid-Atlantic), 5 (Great Lakes), 6 (North Central), 7 (Midwest), 8 (Mid-South), and 9 (Rockies-Plains).  Hanke carried his home region of 1 (New England) as well as 12 (Northwest).  Schultz carried his home region of 4 (Southeast) and also 10 (Southwest).  Incumbent Board member Wagner carried his home region of 11 (West). home page